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Play, Learn, Grow. Together.

What We Do: Youth Program for Homeschoolers

Photos by Sara Tro

If you homeschool, take a look at our drop-off program. Click below for more details!

Current Focus: A Regenerative Co-Op Garden

Our vision for the future is very large in scope, but the first step for getting there is simple: Work together to cooperatively tend a garden that both gives back to the community tending it while also giving new life to the soil that so desperately needs it.

Communitas is for you if you can check any of these boxes...

One of our explicit goals is to make self-directed learning opportunities accessible to groups of people who have historically been underrepresented in homeschooling spaces. This includes BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled people, immigrant, refugee, low-income, rural families, and other groups facing systemic inequity. We do our best to use our limited scholarship funds to make our program financially accessible – please let us know if you have any questions at all or any concerns regarding affordability. 

If this sort of learning community is of interest to you and your family, please reach out to us or join our mailing list (see the bottom of the page). If you want to schedule a time to talk over Zoom, you can quickly do so using the button below. We’ll post announcements in local homeschooling and self-directed learning FaceBook groups once registration is open.

We’re excited to share that we plan for our activities in the mornings and early afternoons to take place at the Learning FarmThe Learning Farm’s beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces will provide the rich environment we need for community members to more deeply connect with each other, with the natural world, and with their own interests and passions.

If this sort of learning community is of interest to you and your family, we’d like to talk to you! Please reach out to us or join our mailing list. We want to learn more about your family’s interests and needs, to answer your questions about Communitas, and to simply connect with local families. Please use the button below to schedule a time to talk in the next few weeks.



A Latin word used in Anthropology to describe the pleasure of togetherness that emerges through non-hierarchical interactions between people and with the natural world. 

Support us!

Our program serves a big need for homeschooling families in Tompkins County who are looking for opportunities for their kids to hang out with others and feel the freedom to be themselves. If you have the ability to financially support our work, please consider donating using the link below.

Funding Support

We’re a young program and have already received a lot of funding support from organizations doing exciting work to positively impact our community. Below is a list of grant support we’ve received so far.

We list these organizations here to publicly acknowledge and express our deepest gratitude for their support of our program. As a small nonprofit working to offer a program that’s financially accessible to ALL families, we rely on this grant support. We’re also very grateful to the individual donors who have also seen the value in our work and made generous contributions.

We're hiring!

Do you want to play an active role in supporting the growth of a liberatory self-directed learning community? Does the idea of being an Agile Learning Facilitator excite you? If so, click the button below!

Our Vision

Our activities work towards re-weaving community, livelihood, learning, and nature together. We believe the future well-being of people and planet depend on it.

Our Core Values

The image below depicts who we are (Community), what we pursue (Regenerative self-determination), why we pursue it (Reconnection), and how we work together throughout the process (Interdependence)

Core Communitas Values & Pursuits

Join us to...

Work Together

A worker cooperative & incubator

Learn Together

Unschooling, discover and pursue your passions

Be Together

Connect with each other while connecting with the natural world

Land Acknowledgement

Communitas ALC is currently operating in Ithaca, NY, on the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the Gayogohó:no’ (Cayuga Nation), a nation of people still working to tend these lands for future generations. The Gayogohó:no’ are one of the five nations to first form the Hodino̱hsǫ́:nih (Iroquois Confederacy). We think it is important to say the traditional territory names that have been silenced for too long.